Virtual Administrative Assistant

Virtual Administrative Assistant

w3creations offers a variety of Administrative Services to business firms, organizations and to busy professionals.

    • Data Entry:  Large Volume Data Processing, Data Conversion, Forms Processing.


    • Personal Assistant:  Answering telephones, collecting information on phone, processing data, fixing or scheduling appointments, doing reservations, human resource support, typing and printing documents, voicemail transcription.


    • Web Research:  Web research / web mining, Compilation of mailing lists, Product research, market research, competitor analysis, survey.


    • Email Response Handling:  Preparation of all types e-mail responses depending on different daily situations and under extreme circumstances in accordance with all requirements and instructions given by you.


    • Medical Billing:  Appointment scheduling, Patient demographics, Patient database, Claims Submission, Account receivables and follow up


    • Spreadsheets:  Maintenance and developments.


  • General Office Help:  Any administrative work needs co-coordination skills. We use better collaborative techniques for real-time task updates.


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